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When did the first robot vacuums appear?

electrolux-trilobiteRobotic vacuum cleaner, also known as robovac, is a cleaner having some degree of freedom or autonomy from the user. It’s basically programmed to clean. While all of them utilizes vacuum to clean, there are others having extra features such as UV sterilization, mopping and spinning brushes. It was in the year 1996 that the first robotic vacuum cleaner appeared.

It was designed by Swedish household plus professional appliance manufacturer, Electrolux and was given the name “Trilobite”. Though it worked fairly well, it had also problems colliding with objects. Also, since it stopped operating some short distance from the wall plus other objects, it left some spaces uncleaned and its production was later discontinued. Britain’s Technology Company Dyason designed their variant in 2001 known as DC06. However, this was too expensive and failed to enter mass production. But a year later, the Roomba was launched by an American technological company called iRobot. This particular robovac is able to change direction if it comes into contact with an obstacle. It also detects dirty spots and may also detect steep drops. This makes it not to fall downstairs.

How Far Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Have Come

liectroux-most-advanced-robot-vacuum-cleaner-x5s-with-wifi-app-control-map-navigation-big-dustbin-waterSince the original Electrolux Trilobite all the way to today’s modern cleaning robots, much changed during its evolution. These beneficial machines have gone through several stages of advancements in technology ever since the original one appeared. Among the most noteworthy advancements and innovations are discussed. The first one is advancement in sensor technology. Over the past years, the manufacturers have enhanced their sensor technology. The old one had reputation of running into walls. But this is no more an issue because of more advanced sensors together with introduction of new technologies like visual navigation features plus using lasers as sensors. Their use becomes much more beneficial and efficient with these advancements Cloud Connectedness and Wi-Fi options are also unique features modern robotic vacuum cleaners have. And yes, you read that right. But what good do these features do? Well, the Wi-Fi connected cleaners can let users pair their device with an Android or iPhone, providing them the power to schedule remotely their selected cleaning sessions plus view the bot’s cleaning history.

Furthermore, you may get immediately your robot to begin cleaning duties at anytime and anywhere. So when your friends or relatives just announced they are on their way coming to visit your home, and you find yourself stuck at your local grocery store with no time to clean, then you should not be worried. What you do is to simply open the app with your Android or iPhone and set off your advanced modern robot vacuum cleaner to do the rest. Mopping is a feature that comes in handy when just a vacuuming robot is not enough. Yes, you can now invest in a machine that will also do the cleaning for you. And this is right, since having some mopping robot is completely a realistic dream in the modern technological world. Finding a cleaning robot which performs both mopping and vacuuming is extremely possible with the several alternatives available on the market today.

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