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Robot vacuum disasters – Can tragedy be avoided

Two years ago, Jesse Newton from Arkansas revealed in a shocking post on his Facebook page that his house was covered in dog feces after a mishap with their robot vacuum! He said, “every conceivable surface” was left covered in his dog’s poop after it was picked up by his Roomba (an automatic robot vacuum cleaner which clean room surface). It was the birth of a whole new kind of internet Meme entitled the: “Pooptastrophe”, “The poohpocalypse” and “The Poopening”.

Here are some more sickening excerpts from that now-infamous Facebook post:

He warns that under any circumstances; do not let your robot vacuum cleaner run over dog poop. He also warned that if anything unthinkable does happen, and your vacuum cleaner runs over dog poop, it should be stopped immediately and stop it before it continues the automatic cleaning cycle. If this type of situation arises, it will spread poop over every conceivable surface within its reach, even under the bed or sofa which turns you home resembles a Jackson Pollock poop painting. In the mean time, if someone in the house gets up in the middle of the night to walk across the floor, he or she could suddenly fall in the process. It can take a lot of work to clean everywhere, especially under surfaces you normally can’t reach. And despite the tragedy and internet mocking since then, the story Jesse decided to share helped to open the eyes of possible problems they never thought about for many people who own a robot vacuum.

In another incident in South Korea, a robot vacuum cleaner attacked a woman’s hair when she was sleeping on the floor. Suddenly her hair got stuck within the robot. On that eventful day when accident took place, she turned her robot vacuum cleaner and laid down on the floor to take rest. When it came around her, it sucked up her hair into the nozzle and wrapped tightly into the spinning rollers. Later it stopped after a minute in the motion of eating her hair. Because she was napping and the vacuum being as silent as it is- she could not have known this would have happened. Somehow she could get her mobile phone to call for emergency services who later needed to cut her hair loose from the rollers that were coiled deep inside the machine.

robot-vacuum-attacked-a-womans-hairThere are many tragedies like this that we’ve heard almost once in a month somewhere on social media. Recently- one person was seriously injured from falling down on the floor when they slipped on a robot vacuum cleaner! Some of these tragedies get media attention, but most of them you don’t. Even though robot vacuum cleaners are made with sensors allow them to clean room surface or detecting dirt or even avoiding obstacles such as people, cables, or pets. But this sadly does not include falling down stairs, sucking-up human hair or smearing dog’s poop all over everything. If it could detect these things- the benefit would be a big win for vacuum owners. We should not forget to remove unwanted objects from floor before running your cleaner. And it’s always not possible to watch every time the robot vacuum is running, but you need to be extra cautious when you know that it is running.

There are some advantages to automation of your equipments in the house, but you should not blindly rely on automation while your equipments are switched on and running mode. By this way only we can avoid big tragedy or mishap.

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