Rating & Price Comparison

Star RatingModelPriceBrandTotal ReviewsReviews or Buy Now
4.5Roomba 770489iRobot329Reviews or Buy Now
4.5Roomba 630342iRobot278Reviews or Buy Now
4.0Neato XV-21349Neato687Reviews or Buy Now
4.5Roomba 650389iRobot241Reviews or Buy Now
4.04200199Mint711Reviews or Buy Now
4.5Roomba 780589iRobot154Reviews or Buy Now
4.5Braava 380t299iRobot20Reviews or Buy Now
3.5Whiskers SV129Dirt Devil23Reviews or Buy Now
4.0Roomba 560349iRobot560Reviews or Buy Now
4.5Roomba 790699iRobot12Reviews or Buy Now
4.05200307Mint179Reviews or Buy Now
4.0Hom Bot 3.0799LG42Reviews or Buy Now
n/aTango1250Samsung0Reviews or Buy Now

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