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Welcome to the wild world of robot vacuums


Where did the robot vacuum first appear?

The Robotic Vacuums have gained a lot of interest from people in the last few years. Users are highly satisfied with its intelligent programming. The first robot vacuum was manufactured in 1996. At first, it was used for basic cleaning, but now it has many added advanced features like changing the direction when any obstacle comes on its way, mopping and vacuuming the floor by itself etc. In 2014, another Robot vacuum was introduced in the market which was equipped with a camera on the top of the machine which promised to cover all the 360 degrees and performed better than other company robot vacuums. According to statistics in 2016 20 % of vacuum cleaners are robots and in 2017 this has increased to 23%.

Robot vacuum disasters and how you can avoid them?

The robots are machines that will just perform the task ordered by its owner. There are many incidents which turned out to be disasters in the history of robot vacuum cleaners. A person named Jesse Newton once purchased this robot vacuum and wanted this to clean the hair of its pet. As decided he set the timer at 1:30 in the midnight and unfortunately forgot to change the set time. And to his surprise, the robot started working at 1:30 midnight and spread the pets poop all around the floor. Not only this, there even few other incidents which portray the disasters of robot vacuum cleaners. Hence everyone who purchases a robot vacuum cleaner must take special care of the settings to avoid these kinds of disasters.

best-robot-vacuums-for-allergiesDo you really need a robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums come into the market with the assurance that they will relieve you from one of the daily household tasks. But will these robot vacuums really replace the old vacuum cleaners? Experts say that yes to some extent we can replace old heavy vacuum cleaners with these new automatic robot vacuums. In this technological world, everyone is busy with their own work and the importance of automated systems has increased a lot. These robot vacuums are handy and easy to use. If you use in the right way the robot vacuums are the best products manufactured in the 21st century. These robot vacuums do not really use any huge bags, therefore, it is easy to maintain these Robot Vacuums.

What are the Top robot vacuums models?

There are many robot vacuum cleaners available these days. A few examples of the best ones are the best robot vacuum cleaner to date. They has all advanced technologies like auto clean scheduling system, advanced HEPA Filter which gives maximum cleaning effect. They also has multiple sensors which make the work easier. The first robot vacuums to have a WiFi connection is one of the newest advancements making your robot vacuum smarter and better. It can also be controlled by downloading a simple app too. Other great features include magnetic boundary-marking strips, which easily detect the boundaries of any room. Who would ever thing that a vacuum needs a 360-degree camera navigation, or a V2 digital motor, but when you love robot vacuums- many new advanced features should be on the top of your list.

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